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Claims Edwards' wife is Italian

Three-Way in Mind ?

Crazy Now Over Erin Burnett

Nearly Salivates on Plame

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Once called Nancy Reagan a "hot chick." Two timing with Edwards?

Chris lost it over Erin Burnett as ifhe had never seen a young girl before...The full tape is on You Tube...It speaks for itself...


MSNBC's Chris Matthews who once told Darva she was beautiful without clothes has fallen in love again- with Elizabeth Edwards.. From his interview with Elizabeth and John Edwards:

Chris: This is the greatest place. I went to grad school here, Senator, for one year. It`s the southern part of heaven. It`s as great as it ever was. It was the greatest comeback. I`ve been sick for two weeks. I`ll tell you more about that. It`s so great to be back and to be back in heaven here. It`s the best place.

He interviewed Edwards for a while then welcomed Elizabeth Edwards to the set at the UNC Law Library:

MATTHEWS: Hello, You look Catholic. You know that?

E. EDWARDS,:Well, that`s the Italian, I think.

MATTHEWS: I know, it`s the Italian in`ve been through so much.

E. EDWARDS: We`ve been through a lot.

MATTHEWS: You`re amazing. And you were diagnosed with breast cancer right at the end of the last campaign. But here you go. You`re smiling.

E. EDWARDS: And you`ve been through a lot and you`re smiling too.

MATTHEWS: But I`m just introducing this. This is easy.. This is easy. I`m just introducing the act.

MATTHEWS: I love it. You`re great. Behind every great man, there`s a woman trying to kill him.... What is it? Does she do this? Does she bust your balls like this when you come home? When you get (INAUDIBLE), does she do that?

E. EDWARDS-horrified: : My children are watching this.

MATTHEWS: What`s this with the equal marriages? Why do people marry their equals? It used to be different? What happened to the Stepford wives, the good old days? What happened?

MATTHEWS: Elizabeth, you are great.

MATTHEWS: You`re always great. Thank you very much. John and Elizabeth, great people.


Latest female guest Matthews has lusted over.

On Nancy Reagan

It`s great having you on tonight, Mrs. Reagan. I hope to see you out there socially soon. I haven`t been out to California enough to hang out, but you`re the greatest and you sound like you`re 25 years old. You are a hot chick and it`s great to have you on tonight. And I really appreciate you coming on again because you always are fun. You`re so much fun.


Chris on Hillary:I thought her opening on reflection, after hearing it a couple time was like vanilla ice cream. My favorite flavor. I thought it was great. She looks great there, by the way. She doesn`t look too old.


Chris to Dana Milbank:Dana, you write such great columns right in the second page of the "Washington Post" every day. You give us the inside, the color, the smell of the crowd, the roar of the people or whatever. What`s the smell on Capitol Hill ?

Mathews Producer Left Show

Chris Endorses Haley Barbour

To Guiliani Campaign Manager: You know, I know who your running mate will be able to get that far. Haley Barbour, perfect balance. You need guys pro-life, deep South, good accent, good old boy. All the things Rudy isn`t, but still a great executive like Rudy. What a great ticket that would be. Just think of it: Giuliani/Barbour.

CELLUCCI: That`s a great idea, Chris. I am going to pass that one on.

MATTHEWS: I love being in the corner -- as a corner man with you, Governor. Thank you. It`s great to have you on. Please come back. We want you back if we can`t get Rudy. And even if we can get Rudy, we would like to get you back. Haley Barbour, jumping in on that ticket.

Haley Barbour, what a man! I predict McCain`s running mate will be Haley Barbour.

Matthews Plays Hardball with Al Sharpton

MATTHEWS: I`m not telling you anything, Reverend Sharpton. You`re going to make your own decisions. You are a very funny, smart, brilliant guy.

SHARPTON: And I`m clean, too.

MATTHEWS: Well, you said you take a bath every day. You know, the image of you in a big bathtub is just too much for me imagine in my limited imagination. I thought a shower, a light shower would be appropriate. Do you have a ducky? Do you have a ducky? I want to know.

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